Operation Agency Success: Find Your Agency's Niche
May 5, 2015
Today's insurance landscape is becoming more competitive. There are morevoices competing for consumers. You can stand out by finding a niche.Laird talks about how a niche can turn your agency into an expert andhelp you succeed.Related Articles8 Tips to Optimize Your Website for GoogleWhat to Blog About?What is Keyword Research? Read More
Operation Agency Success: Agency Marketing Plan
April 2, 2015
Many agencies don't have a marketing plan to guide their efforts. A marketing plan can guide your marketing efforts and keep you accountable, which can help you succeed. Where do your customers come from? What do your customers want? What makes them happy? Laird talks about these questions and more in our latest Operation Agency Success video on creating an agency marketing plan for your agency. Read More
Operation Agency Success: Make a Change
March 3, 2015
The best time to plant a tree was 50 years ago. The second best time is today. Now is the time to change the technology in your agency and get better technology. ITC's president Laird Rixford talks about the technology that is critical to insurance agency success. Related Articles Now is the Time: Insurance Website Edition Now is the Time: Comparative Rating Edition Read More
Operation Agency Success: The Client Lifecycle
February 2, 2015
How do you take a consumer who knows nothing about your agency and turn them into a raving fan? ITC's independent agency software automates an agency's client lifecycle. In our first video of 2015, Laird talks about who ITC is and how our products help you turn a person who doesn't know you into a client for life. Articles on ITC Products Now is the Time: Insurance Website Edition Read More
Operation Agency Success: Twitter
March 6, 2013
Twitter and other social media can drive traffic to your website, promote your agency, share insurance information and knowledge, increase your online visibility and build relationships with potential customers. In our latest video, Laird discusses tips on how to get more followers and ideas of what to post to Twitter. Video Transcription Today, let's talk about Twitter. Read More
Operation Agency Success: The Importance of Mobile
February 7, 2013
90% of U.S. adults own a mobile phone, and 50% of those mobile phones are smartphones. This number is continuing to go up. In our latest video, Laird will discuss what makes mobile so important and what your mobile-friendly insurance website should have. Video Transcription Let's talk about mobile insurance agency websites. Read More
Operation Agency Success: AgencyBuzz and Email Marketing for Insurance
January 9, 2013
Insurance agents who use email marketing can improve their close rate by relying on automation features like drip emails to follow up on a prospect. Join Laird Rixford and Jennifer Fitzsimmons as they talk about AgencyBuzz and how it can help improve your email marketing. Video Transcription Let's talk about AgencyBuzz and insurance email marketing. Read More
Operation Agency Success: Facebook for Insurance Agents
November 28, 2012
Facebook is not just for catching up with friends and liking cat photos. Insurance agencies are using Facebook to connect and engage with their customers in a new way. In our latest video, we give tips on how to turn Facebook likes into fans. Articles on Facebook How to Use Facebook Scheduled Posts Follow Their Rules or You Might Lose Your Facebook Page Read More
Operation Agency Success: Content is King
November 7, 2012
The most important thing to get good rankings in the search engines is fresh, unique content. Learn how you can easily build fresh content that will keep your website in the forefront of the search engines. Join Laird Rixford as he talks about why fresh content is important, where to find ideas for new content, and how often you need to be updating the content on your website. Read More
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