Operation Agency Success: SEO is Not All About Content


ITC President Laird Rixford explains why focusing only on your insurance website's content is a mistake.

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Video Transcript

You've heard over the past couple of years, and even yes, from me, that content is king, that putting fresh unique content on your website is the best way to get noticed by the search engines. But, today I'm gonna tell you something a little bit different.  
A lot of people now focus on providing a lot of content. They think that the more content that you put on your website the more it's going to get noticed. And sometimes good search engine optimization or SEO is forgotten. A lot of people will often rely on just one strategy, and I'm here to tell you that that's not the best thing to do. You need to rely on multiple strategies and they need to work in concert.  
And, this is where SEO and content marketing work together. Don't focus on just content. And also, don't just focus on SEO. You need to have them work together. By working together that means making sure that your site is optimized for the search engines, that they have robots files, that they have site maps, that they have schema markup and validation, things that the search engines require to say this is a valid site, this site works for us. Once you have the framework of your website well built then that's when you build upon that foundation with content. That content will cause the search engines to come back regularly to keep hitting your site to get the latest and greatest info that you are providing your customers out there.  
I remember a customer coming to us and she was doing fantastic with her content marketing. She was writing blogs every single week. But she wasn't getting the traction on the search engines that we often talk about you'll get with content marketing. We looked at her website and we found that her website was not properly configured. The search engines did not know how to get to that content. They did not know how to reach into her site and grab that content out.  
And that is the key part of SEO is that it's telling the search engines this is how you navigate our site, this is the best practices of visiting our site and where you can find the latest greatest content. And once we were able to fix her site map and get the search engines to properly index her site, her content that she was developing week over week made her site explode, because now the search engines could find it and now they were indexing it. And that is the key to content marketing is that you need to build a foundation with SEO. The website needs to be search engine optimized and then upon that build the content to build a great house.


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