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A large number of consumers go online to get more than one auto insurance quote. comScore also reports an increase in consumers who want to buy their policies online. ITC’s data reinforces these studies.

We know how to get an online prospect through a quote process. It involves our areas of expertise: insurance website design, agency marketing, and comparative rating. We wanted to help our agents take part in this online trend and capture market share. So, we developed a bind online process for agents who use TurboRater for Websites.

What is TurboRater for Websites?

TurboRater for Websites is our online consumer portal that allows agents to represent all their carriers on their insurance agency website. TurboRater for Websites lets agents effectively and efficiently quote and sell insurance online. It also reinforces the essential reason to choose an independent agent.

Consumers enter their quote information once into TurboRater for Websites to get multiple quotes. All quote information entered into TurboRater for Websites is stored in the agent’s TurboRater account so the agent has access to the prospect’s information. For quotes presented from bind online carriers, the prospect then has the option to buy the policy with little to no intervention from the agent.

How does bind online work?

The bind online technology in TurboRater for Websites creates an advantage for an independent agent over the direct writers. It offers visitors quotes from multiple insurance carriers and the means to buy the policy of their choice online. Built-in underwriting rules can determine if the risk is acceptable and then allows the website visitor to buy the policy. Coverage begins right after the consumer buys the policy. Proof of insurance is immediately provided to the agency’s new client.

Learn more about bind online

We consider the carrier as much a client as the agencies we serve. We provide a customized approach to the carrier for bind online development to meet underwriting guidelines, signatures and payment processing. To learn more and get started on bind online development, contact us at

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