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InsurancePro Training Videos

Bridging From InsurancePro to TurboRater 01:33

Learn how to bridge from the InsurancePro agency management system to the TurboRater automobile, homeowners, and motorcycle comparative rating system.

Bridging to InsurancePro 03:11

You can easily bridge a TurboRater quote to InsurancePro Management System - let us show you how.

How to Add a New Auto Policy Manually in InsurancePro 07:26

Learn how to add a new auto policy manually via the ‘add a new policy’ screen in InsurancePro

How to Manually Add a Homeowners Policy in InsurancePro 06:59

Learn how to add a homeowner policy manually using the ‘add a new policy’ screen.

Daily Transaction Reports in InsurancePro 06:01

Learn how to run daily transaction reports in InsurancePro to review your daily business, including payments, new policies and renewals.

Notes and Reminders in InsurancePro 05:15

Learn how to use notes and reminders in InsurancePro.

ACORD Forms in InsurancePro 02:47

Learn print, email and save ACORD forms in InsurancePro.

How to Scan and Attach a File in InsurancePro 02:33

Learn how to scan and attach a file to a policy in InsurancePro.

InsurancePro's Policy Summary Screen Overview 02:58

Learn how you can be more efficient in InsurancePro by using the policy summary screen to make edits, receive payments, email and create endorsements.

Tracking a Payment in InsurancePro 04:49

Learn how to track an insured’s payment in InsurancePro.

How to Reconcile Payments in InsurancePro 02:50

Learn how to use the payment reconciliation tool in InsurancePro to track a payment or money deposited into your bank account.

Processing Payments in InsurancePro 03:25

Learn how to process payments in InsurancePro.

How to Enter an Endorsement in InsurancePro 02:02

Learn how to process an endorsement from the policy summary screen in InsurancePro.

Follow Up Reports in InsurancePro 03:25

Learn how to run follow up reports in InsurancePro to see which customers have received a recent quote, have a monthly payment due, or will need to renew a policy soon.

Cross Sell Reports in InsurancePro 02:15

Learn how to run cross sell reports in InsurancePro.

Business Reports in InsurancePro 02:47

Learn how to use business reports in InsurancePro to make informed decisions to improve your bottom line.

Agent Commission Reports in InsurancePro 01:37

Learn how to run a report in InsurancePro to see the commissions due to your agency.

Reconciling Agency Commissions in InsurancePro 03:41

Learn how to reconcile all transactions entered or downloaded with your company's commission statements in InsurancePro.

How to Create Custom Reports in InsurancePro 07:20

Learn how you can build and save custom reports for future use in InsurancePro.

InsurancePro's Current User Report 01:36

Learn how to run a report in InsurancePro to view the current users logged into the system.

How to Set Up Companies in InsurancePro 06:04

Learn how to add insurance companies or edit existing companies in InsurancePro.

How to Set Up Users in InsurancePro 06:17

Learn how to add, edit or delete users in InsurancePro.

How to Set Up Custom Fields in InsurancePro 02:09

Learn how to set up custom fields in InsurancePro.

Add a New Auto Policy Via Quote Sheets in InsurancePro 02:30

Learn how to add a new auto policy using quote sheets in InsurancePro.

How to Set Up Email in InsurancePro 04:03

Learn how to set up an existing email account so you can send and receive emails from within InsurancePro.

Emailing from within InsurancePro 02:12

Learn how to send and receive emails from within InsurancePro.

How to Send and Receive Emails in InsurancePro 03:47

Learn how you can send and receive emails from within InsurancePro.

How to Set Up QuickBooks in InsurancePro 04:21

Learn how to set up QuickBooks so you can export data from InsurancePro into Quickbooks.

Exporting to QuickBooks from InsurancePro 03:58

Learn how to export data to QuickBooks from within InsurancePro.

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