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Built-In Search Engine

Customized search for your insurance website

Make searching your website easy with Insurance Website Builder search. The search feature allows you to add a search box to your website that helps people find what they need. The built-in search feature provides fast and relevant searches directly on your website.

Custom search engines can cost more than $99 a year for the ad-free version. The Insurance Website Builder search engine feature is included with all Insurance Website Builder plans.

Design Matches Website

Unlike many third party search engines, the Insurance Website Builder search engine’s look and feel matches your website’s design perfectly.

Powerfully Relevant Search Results

Designed using the same algorithms used by the top search engines, our search feature allows you to influence results using standard SEO techniques. In addition, as your website is designed for insurance the results weigh certain results to maximize conversion from insurance consumers.

No More Fees

Third party search engines can cost more than $99 a year. Having a search engine custom designed for your own website can cost more than $3,000. Our search engine feature is included in all website plans at no charge.

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