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Personalized SSL Certificates

SSL is a technology that creates an encrypted connection between the server that hosts your website and your visitor's browser. This secure connection allows the visitor to send information to you without worry of eavesdropping or tampering. It is possible for others to see any data transmitted on your website if it is not secured by a SSL certificate.

Many modern consumers prefer to do business online rather than call or visit your office in person. For this reason it is important you have a secure connection to receive their quote and policy information.

Insurance Website Builder now offers personalized SSL certificates so you can use your own domain name for the URL of the secure forms on your insurance agency website instead of the shared domain from Insurance Website Builder's shared SSL certificate. The personalized SSL certificate, like our shared SSL certificate, uses the same security and encryption standards required by E&O policies.

Commonly, web hosting companies will charge up to $299 per year for securing your websites. Our personalized SSL certificate is included in the price of our websites. Contact a sales representative for more information.

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