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Industry Leading Uptime

We know how important your online presence is to the success of your agency. If your insurance agency website is down, so is the landing page for the majority of your marketing efforts. ITC’s Insurance Website Builder offers a scheduled uptime of 99.995%. Four and a half nines of uptime equate to less than 30 minutes of downtime per year. In practice Insurance Website Builder has delivered an uptime of closer to 99.999% over the past few years with less than six minutes of unscheduled downtime yearly.

Compare this to other website vendors who outsource the hosting of your website to a third party that offers a 99.5% uptime assurance. An uptime of 99.5% equates to allowable yearly downtime of almost two days.

How do we do this? Insurance Website Builder is built on the same technology platform used to host our comparative rating and agency management systems, which are used by more than 6,000 agencies and 250 carriers. Our hosting solution is designed to offer a reliable and secure infrastructure that meets and exceeds the needs of your carriers’ compliance departments. Don’t you feel like your agency deserves the same level of uptime as provided by carriers?

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