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Provided Website Content

Complete website from the start

Your website will come with content from the start!  While we recommend that you update your site with content specially designed for your agency, we give you a place to start.

The easy to use console will allow the ability to update your content using an easy to use word processor system built in directly to your web browser.  No HTML experience needed.

Included Pages

Your site includes the basic website features such as a Home Page, Contact Us Page, About Us Page and a Privacy Policy. You can modify the pages as needed or use the built in content as provided.

Customizable Pages

Need a special page? You can easily add an Extra page to your site using the administration console.

Line of Business Specific Content

Do you not have enough time to write content for all pages? The Insurance Website Builder product includes content for the majority of site pages. In addition to the included content, each line of business home page includes pre-defined content relevant to that particular line of business.

Built-in Spell Checker

Our easy to use word processor includes a spell checker so you can verify your content is perfect.

Upload Images, Flash, Videos and Music

The built in content console allows you to easily upload multiple media types directly to your site.

Stock Photo Library

Looking for a photo that can properly convey your ideas? Inspiration within! Included with your site is royalty free images for your use upon your site.

Privacy Policy

A website privacy policy is a requirement of your E&O coverage. Our approved privacy policy is included by default. If you require a change, you can do it yourself using the built in content editor.

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