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Free Report Marketing

Offer Free Reports for Visitor Lead Information

Free report marketing exchanges the website visitor a free set of reports in exchange for their lead information.

By offering free reports to your visitors you can keep them coming back for more reports as you add them to your site.

Built In Reports

The Insurance Website Builder system includes built in reports that make it easy for you to start your Report Library.

Customized Cover Pages

Automatically add cover pages to your reports.  You can include a "master" cover page that gets added to every report and specific line of business cover pages to be added to the begining of a specific line of business.

Select Multiple Reports at Once

Visitors can select multiple reports at once.  The reports are automatically combined into a single customized download.

Automatic Insert into AgencyBuzz

If you have our AgencyBuzz Drip Marketing System or use the IWB Platinum plan lead information will automatically be placed into the drip process that you have defined. Don’t have AgencyBuzz or the IWB Platinum plan get started today to enjoy these powerful tools.

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