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Employee Directory & Career Center

Get your employees noticed

Put your employee's information and photos online.  By creating an online employee directory, you add a personal feel to your website.  No more fussing about resizing of images or the formatting of the employees record, it does it for you!  You even have the option of ordering your employees per your agency needs.

Employee Profiles

Create a profile or biography for each of your employees. List their accomplishments, certifications and association memberships.

Automatic Resize

The system will automatically resize large photos for you upon upload. This feature allows you to quickly upload photos without shrining to a web-managable size.

Location Awareness

When you set up an employee you place them within a certain location. This way, if you move offices or locations, your employees move with you.

Available Fields

The following fields are available on the employee console; Name, Title, E-Mail Address, Location. Optional fields include Direct Phone, Alternate Number, Direct Fax, Photo, and Biography.

vCard Support

vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. They contain name and address information, phone numbers, and email address. Give your customers quick and easy access to your information through this easy and quick download.

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