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Customer Service Forms

Allow changes to policy right on your site

All incoming quote and policy changes requested are stored on secured servers for 30 days. These files are password protected and use 128 bit encryption, so that only site administrators and designated customer service representatives can access online submissions. An online customer service submission history can be viewed at any time. This will allow an agency to monitor requests from a customer or prospect at any time. The submission history will contain all the customer information as well as a display of the CSR responsible for the inquiry and the status of the inquiry. This saves agency staff time on each transaction, which has greatly impacted the productivity and retention for current agency clients.

SSL Secure Forms

Included with your website is a free SSL 128byte/1024bit secure site certificate. Commonly, web hosting companies will charge up to $299/year for securing your website. Secure SSL forms are included free of charge on all Insurance Website Builder websites. Your website will use the same level of encryption you enjoy with your online bank.

CAPTCHA Form Security

Protect your forms from automated submissions by spammers and phishers. By challenging the customer to input a graphic-based test, you verify that the visitor is an actual human. Vision-impaired visitors can also use a built-in audio version.

Pager/Mobile Phone Access to Submissions

Receive alerts on your cell phone or pager when a submission is received from your website. This is good for claim and quote forms so your agency can respond quickly.


Respond to your customers submissions automatically with a pre-defined response.

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