Evaluate and Set Your Rates

If you want to evaluate and set your company’s rates as effectively and efficiently as possible, ITC’s analytical software program can help. Our program comprises three tiers: a live TurboRater account, Market Basket and TurboAnalysis

TurboAnalysis is a batch rating analytical desktop software program that can efficiently rate all scenarios based upon criteria you choose. TurboAnalysis will also generate quotes based upon different rating variables and deviations entered.

The reports generated using TurboAnalysis are sent to a text or spreadsheet file so you can easily analyze and manipulate the data. You can use these reports to compare the premium breakdowns by coverage for each company.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Cost effective and time saving
  • Breakdown premiums by coverages
  • Create a mock company (proposed rates)
  • ASCII file transfer to spreadsheet
  • Easy to generate and read reports
  • Easy to make changes
  • Compares rates of all available non-real time rating competitors
  • Can calculate the average premium by coverage
  • Custom import/export

For more information about TurboAnalysis, contact us at carriers@getitc.com.

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