TuboRater Interface Features

Single Screen Quote Entry

No need to fumble through numerous screens with TurboRater’s Single Screen Quote Entry. Enter all of the information needed for an auto quote on one screen. Gathering and verifying your client’s information is simple and easy-to-do with all of the information on one screen.


Entries are ordered in a manner that is consistent with how agents gather information from a prospective client, making the interview process efficient and customer friendly.

Intuitive Data Entry

TurboRater was designed to make quote entry intuitive and easy. With TurboRater, there is no need to memorize special codes or decipher abbreviations. All entries are clearly labeled preventing guesswork and mistakes from happening.

Customize Quote Entry

With TurboRater, you have the ability to turn off questions you do not want included as part of your interview process, leaving your agency in control of how and what you want to gather from a potential customer.

Default Common Entries

Set defaults for common entries to reduce keystrokes.

Side-by-Side Comparisons of Term, Premium, Pay Plans, and Commissions

Customers’ priorities can vary. Some are only concerned with the total premium; some decide based on the amount to start the policy. Our comparison screen allows you to easily sort by term, premium, monthly payment, commissions, down payment and much more.

VIN, Territory, and City Lookup

No more guessing. TurboRater will populate the year, make and model of the vehicle if you have the Vehicle Identification Number available. In addition, TurboRater will determine the correct territory and city by the zip code entered.

Rate Up to 6 Cars and 6 Drivers for Auto Quotes

Enter up to six cars and/or six drivers into TurboRater.

Easily Locate Saved Quotes

TurboRater has extensive lookup criteria, such as by name, phone number, quote number, email address, location quoted, line of business, and more, so you can find saved quotes fast.

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