Pin Point Accuracy

TurboRater uses Real Time rating, built-in credit scoring and underwriting to provide accurate rates. As a completely web-based product, company rate changes are applied automatically to TurboRater with no need for manual software updates. This ensures you are always quoting on the most accurate rates.

Built-In Credit Scoring

We partner with insurance carriers and third-party vendors like ChoicePoint Services, Inc and TransUnion to offer integrated credit scoring capabilities within TurboRater. With our built-in credit scoring, you save time because you no longer have to visit the carrier’s website to complete the credit scoring process.

Comprehensive Built-In Underwriting

Underwriting rules are built in to TurboRater. If a risk is unacceptable, a message will display explaining why. If prior approval is needed, the quote will be noted accordingly.

Address Verification

TurboRater includes instant address verification to ensure you have the accurate, deliverable address. Many insurance carriers need an accurate address for rating purposes, such as to pull an insurance score, identify the proper territory, or pull a property protection code. At no additional cost to you, addresses are validated in real time at the point you enter the address.

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