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Sell Me This Pen

a pen"I want each of you to sell me this pen." This is an old role playing technique that was brought back to fame recently in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Some consider Jordan Belfort to be the greatest sales coach of his generation. I disagree. He was great at selling to people. Selling is not something you do to someone; it is something you do for someone.

Most role playing teaches you how to sell to someone. It teaches you how to overcome objections. There should be no objections. There is only an unqualified prospect with uncertainty because of his lack of understanding of the solution or because both parties don’t agree on a value point.

  1. They need it. 
  2. They understand the value. 
  3. They have a timeline to implement. 
  4. Price is not an objection. Price is a lack of them understanding the value.

How would I sell the pen?

By asking questions, not talking about the pen. I need to know my prospect needs it, or I'm wasting his time and mine.

  1. Do you have a pen?
  2. What kind do you have? 
  3. Have you been using pens long?
  4. How much did you pay for your last pen?
  5. What are you looking for in a pen? 

Now I sell the pen based on the information I gathered.

Next time you have a prospect in front of you or on the phone, focus on her needs and give her a pen. Don’t sell her one.


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