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What Top Insurance Agencies Know About SEO (That You Don’t)

Integrated marketing cog wheel diagramDid you know Google delivers 193 million results for the term insurance companies? Even with a more specific search query, it can be no small feat to get on the front page of results. 

How do the top insurance agencies get in the top search results?

Better question: How can you make it to that top slot along with those top insurance agencies? Here are what top insurance agencies know about getting seen in those results.

They Know it’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint


Top agencies know in order to get their website to appear in top search results, they have to stay dedicated. They know their website is never truly done. They can’t take their website live and then ignore it.

If you are aiming for SEO success, plan for the long haul. You can either takes the work on yourself or outsource it to a reputable company. 

They Know There are No Shortcuts


Any business owner knows there are no shortcuts to success. You can open an office and put up a website. That doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have enough customers to sustain your business. 

SEO is the same. Just because you put up a website, doesn’t mean you will automatically get traffic and leads. 

Think of it like this. Your agency has to build a good reputation within your community and customers. Your website also has to build up a good reputation, but with search engines. 

Don’t fall for shortcuts like black hat SEO tactics. Those are equal to get-rich-quick scams. They can even damage your website’s rankings online. 

They Know Content is King


The way to a search engines heart is through content. Not any content - valuable content that helps searchers and visitors. 

Think about the websites you visit. Does the information on the site keep you engaged? Does it provide answers to questions you were researching? Even more, does the website help you fully understand the topic? Does it help you decide to buy a particular product or service? 

That is what your content needs to do for your insurance website visitors. 

They Know How to Complete Their Marketing Cycle


Top agencies don’t settle for great content and regular blogging. They use social media and email marketing to create a complete marketing cycle. 

You may be thinking, "What do social media and email marketing have to do with SEO?” 

Let me tell you, if you have the mindset of “If you build it, they will come” they won’t come. 

Like any other product or service, it takes promotion to bring visitors to your website. Social media and email marketing are two of the best ways to do that.

Top agencies share their content to their social media followers. They promote it through email newsletters. They run cross sell campaigns to bring visitors to their insurance website. 

Don’t think of your website as the only source for new business. Think of it as a cog in your overall integrated marketing machine.

Investing the time into your website's SEO can make you a top agency in your area. There’s no time like the present to get started improving your website. 

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Have questions about how to get started or SEO in general? Leave it in the comments. We are here to help you be successful online and grow your agency.


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