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How to Get More Conversions on Your Insurance Website

infographicWe’ve all been there. You need to sign up for something online. But, when you see the form, your mind starts swimming. There are countless fields. Several pages. It looks like it’ll take more than 10 minutes to get through it!

In fact, you were probably surprised they didn’t ask for an arm, a leg and your first born.

If you’re trying to get somebody to fill out a form, their blood type or favorite color isn’t necessary. Okay, I exaggerated that one a little bit. 

But the point is this: You might catch more returns if you have shorter forms. (For long form vs short form, read this.)

Check out this infographic from to see how some of the numbers play out. I’ve listed out some of the quick hitters right here:

Imagescape reduced their contact form from 11 fields to four. They then saw a 120 percent increase in conversions.

Numbers spell doom for dropdown boxes. They lead to some of the worst conversion rates.

Don’t imply you’re going to be calling the consumer. Make it optional. 

o Simply adding the word optional to the phone number field had an effect. It caused their conversion rates to jump from under 43 percent to a whopping 80 percent.

The bottom line: less is more.

According to TIME, you have 15 seconds to get somebody’s attention on your insurance website. Make sure it doesn’t take 15 seconds to scroll through endless fields and questions. 

Remember… Once they’ve submitted a form, you can always email if you need more information.


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