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What’s in Release of InsurancePro

These are the enhancements that are included in the latest release of agency management system InsurancePro (Release

Company fees including SR22 fees are now extracted from downloads if sent in that way
Unearned premium amount will now be set when they come from downloads
Added underinsured BI and underinsured PD coverage for auto policies
Ability to choose all policy types in the daily transaction report for renewals, cancellations and expired reports
Increased the length of the file number field to allow more entries
Corrected age and date of birth queries in batch printing
Corrected some issues with processing some al3 files

We have certified the following companies for downloads.


Commerce/Citation/Mapfre, NAIC codes 34754, 40274 for Auto and Home
National General, NAIC codes 12583, 11454, 29742, 38660 for Auto and Home
Florida Family, NAIC code 10688 for Home
Star Casualty, NAIC code 32387 for Auto
American Modern, NAIC codes 12314, 23450, 23469, 29246C, 35912, 41998, 42005, 12489, 12877, 42722 for Auto and Home
Edison Insurance Company, NAIC code 12482 for Home
Narragansett Bay, NAIC code 43001 for Home
The National Security Group, NAIC code 12114 for Home
US Investment Corporation, NAIC codes 25895, 26522, 35416, 14420, 15756 for Home


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