Insurance Comparative Rating Software

The only real way to guarantee that your customers are getting the best price on their insurance coverage is through comparative rating between a wide range of insurers. But manually comparing rates and attempting to provide accurate field underwriting is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming. TurboRater insurance comparative rating software takes this task off your shoulders while providing a more accurate estimate for your clients.

Insurance rating software has been around for years, but TurboRater applies built-in underwriting rules automatically so that your multiple quotes are not only instant but also accurate. The one-and-done approach of this software allows you to pull multiple quotes after entering data just once.

Not only does TurboRater’s comparative rating system improve your agency's efficiency, but it also saves time. Many employees can easily be trained in using the insurance rating software and answering client questions.

Your clients deserve the fast, accurate results of a state of the art insurance rating software that works across many lines of coverage and carriers. Your agency deserves the increased efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction of modern, up-to-date tools. Fill each of these needs with TurboRater and get a real-time rating from software you can rely on.