Insurance Comparative Rater

No one wants to pay more for insurance coverage than is absolutely necessary. At the same time, most consumers want to know that their premiums are being paid to an insurance company they can trust and rely on. Helping your clients find the best coverage for the lowest price is one of the most important things you do each day, but with insurance rater software like TurboRater, it doesn’t have to be the most time consuming.

TurboRater is a comparative rater that makes personalized rate quoting easy and fast. Simply type the information into the system and the software applies individual underwriting rules from various companies and shows you all the possible rates your clients could pay for home and auto coverage.

Best of all, by utilizing cloud technologies, TurboRater can deliver your estimate quickly—pulling multiple quotes with underwriting rules applied in an average of four seconds. Not only will this save time but it also reduces mistakes by allowing for one-time data entry. With TurboRater, you can save your agency time and money while increasing customer satisfaction by providing more accurate rates than other comparative raters.