Auto Insurance Software

Your customers rely on you to help them protect their family’s future by securing the best home and auto insurance coverage for their risks. But your duty to clients is about more than just helping them select the right deductibles, limits and coverage options; it’s also about making sure they get coverage through the most competitively priced policies issued by highly rated insurance companies.

With TurboRater's home and auto insurance software, you can quickly and easily pull multiple company quotes, with underwriting considerations already factored in. Not only does this help you get the lowest rates for your clients, but it also helps ensure the rates you quote are accurate.

Choosing TurboRater for Your Agency

TurboRater doesn’t just help your customers—it also helps your agency.
  • With TurboRater, you will save money by reducing the amount of time you must spend running numbers for various insurance quotes. TurboRater allows for one-time data entry in order to produce multiple quotes.
  • Your agency can enjoy smoother workflow by creating standardized operating practices using the TurboRater home and auto insurance software. Not only will this reduce errors and time, but will also lower the time spent training new employees.
  • Increase persistency. Your clients will love that they can rely on your for thorough rate comparisons and increased efficiency and accuracy.